Vaughn Concrete Products Featured in Amarillo Globe

A Port in the Storm

Storm shelter sales are still strong in Amarillo, despite the fact the Panhandle Regional Planning Commission has obligated its last shelter rebates.

Mike Vaughn installed more than 100 shelters in the region this past year and said about half of his customers took advantage of the Residential Storm Shelter Rebate, government-funded grants that match half the cost of a storm shelter up to $2,500.

Vaughn, owner of Vaughn Concrete Products, saw a spike in sales when the $2,500 rebates were first available.

But when the rebate program ends Oct. 24, Vaughn doesn't expect people to stop buying shelters - even when full price ranges from $5,000 to $8,000.

"The cost of a shelter is insignificant compared to the loss of your family's lives," Vaughn said.

The most popular model at Vaughn Concrete Products is a mobile shelter with its own concrete slab foundation.

Other above-ground shelters can accommodate six, eight or 10 people.

Vaughn also offers underground shelters, but climbing down wet steps may be a concern for customers, especially the elderly or wheelchair-bound, he said.

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