“Where quality and service are top priority"

We are a family owned and managed business. We operate three precast concrete plants that manufacture all types of precast concrete products. Our plants are located in Henderson (Colorado), Amarillo (Texas) and Cheyenne (Wyoming).  Having multiple locations allows us to share resources, keep freight costs down and serve a wide market area; all of which benefit our customers.
We have been in business since 1962. We started out doing excavating and installing septic systems. In 1972, we began manufacturing Precast Concrete Septic Tanks. Over the years we have expanded our Product Line to include Agricultural Products, Landscaping Items, Oil Field Products, Sand and Grease Traps/Interceptors, Septic Tanks/Well Pits, Storm Shelters, Transportation Products and Utility Products. Our specialty is producing Precast Concrete Vaults ranging in size from 2’ Wide x 2’ Long up to 14’ Wide x30’ Long Inside Dimensions to any specified height out of highly efficient steel forms. We are also constantly adding to our extensive product line and invite you to check out our new products!
We take pride in producing quality precast concrete products to satisfy the needs of our customers. The following list of our in-house capabilities allows us to manufacture quality products to meet agreed upon project schedules.
  • We do all of our own submittals and shop drawings.
  • We build our own steel molds.
  • We purchase our reinforcing directly from the mill.
  • We fabricate our own reinforcing cages.
  • We batch and test our own concrete.
  • We operate our own fleet of trucks that are capable of unloading and setting the majority of our precast structures.
  • We specialize in oversize loads & even run our own escort vehicles.

We understand that for our business to be successful, our customers must be satisfied!

Storm Shelters Meet NSAA Standards Precast Concrete Vaults